Which Bitcoin Casinos offer a no deposit bonus in 2018?

According to the old proverb – “Nothing in life is free”. However, you might be pleasantly surprised to know that although somewhat a rarity, some Bitcoin casino no deposit bonus offers do exist. This is a direct result of the crypto-casino industry quickly becoming a highly competitive space, with more and more operators popping up to gain their piece of the market share.

Although the majority of promotions on offer focus on a matched deposit bonus for new customers, we did come across two platforms that had taken the plunge by offering a no deposit bonus. This guide will begin by explaining exactly what a no deposit bonus actually is, followed by why they are far and few between in the blockchain casino industry. After that, we will then discuss the two no deposit bonuses available right now, as well as a comprehensive overview of any relevant terms and conditions.

By the end of reading it from start to finish, you will have all the tools you need to make full use of the no deposit promotions on offer.

Bitstarz Casino

Bitstarz Casino

BitStarz players are offered 20 free slot machine spins & there is no requirement to deposit any funds to get the offer, Review >

BetChain Casino

BetChain Casino

By registering a new account, BetChain offers a no deposit bonus of 1mBTC.  This is a great opportunity to test out a range of different games

What is a no deposit bonus?

In a nut shell, a no deposit bonus is a promotion offered to new players that have never previously had an account. This means that the player is not required to deposit any funds, nor are they required to register any payment details. Upon completing the registration process, the player will have free casino credits to play around with, giving them an excellent opportunity to test out the platform.

A no deposit bonus comes in all different shapes and sizes and they depend on the casino in question. One particular offer that pops up from time to time is a straight-forward casino credit. This tops up the player’s account and then allows them to gamble on the games of their choice. In our opinion this is the best form of offer, as the player isn’t tied down to a particular game. However, as one would imagine, these types of offers are hard to come by.

A further no deposit promotion that is sometimes offered is free slot machine spins. Again, no deposit of any sort is required. For those who have a passion for slots, this type of offer is highly beneficial as the offer normally allows you to choose from hundreds of different slot games. Furthermore, as various slot games now offer a range of in-game features and bonuses, it is a good way to get used to how the slot works.

Although not strictly a no deposit bonus offer, it is also possible to earn free credits by using a crypto-casino that has a faucet program. Just like the aforementioned offer types we have mentioned, a faucet is used to entice new players to a platform. The faucet releases free cryptocurrencies to a player’s casino wallet based on certain pre-defined parameters, with some casinos releasing new coins every few minutes. Of course the amounts released are minute, but it still gives the player a chance to test out the different range of games.

bitcoin casino no deposit bonus

Why are these bonus promotions so scarce at Bitcoin casinos?

As one can imagine, giving people free casino credits can be a costly business as it comes directly out of the casinos bottom-line. However, various platforms understand that in order to acquire new customers, offering an incentive is paramount. Finding a no deposit bonus within the conventional fiat casino sector is easier, although it does come at a cost – and here’s why.

When registering an account with the status quo, you will be required to go through a thorough KYC (Know Your Customer) program. This initially consists of supplying a range of personal details, which at a minimum will include your full name, nationality, address and date of birth. After this, you will then be required to prove that the information you supplied is valid, by uploading copies of your ID (passport or driving license), proof of address (bank statement or utility bill) and a copy of the front and back of your payment card.

Under gambling regulation laws (whether issued by the UK, Malta or Curacao), when customers are depositing with fiat currency, the casino must install a fraud prevention team who must independently verify the player’s identity. This comes at a cost, which the casino must cover. Moreover, the casino will also have to entail banking charges that are handed down by the financial institution that processes the payment. Offered a free deposit? Unfortunately this doesn’t exist, as once again this must be passed down to the player.

The most common way that the fiat casino will do this is through something called house-edge. This is the long-term advantage that the casino has over the player and it is expressed as a percentage. For example, when playing a slot game, the casino will advise you of the pre-defined odds of walking away a winner. In most cases, if not all, this percentage will be significantly lower at a fiat casino and significantly higher at a crypto casino.

In effect, although no deposit bonuses are more frequently offered by fiat platforms, they pass these costs on to the player. On the contrary, the majority of crypto-casinos don’t offer a no deposit bonus but instead provide the player with a greater house-edge. Effectively, you have to ask yourself the question. Would you rather have a one off no deposit bonus but have less chance of winning, or have a greater chance of winning long-term but not get a no deposit bonus?

Fortunately for you, the no deposit bonus promotions that we discovered do not offer the bonus at the expense of the house-edge.

Which casinos offer these bonuses?

So now that you you have a firm understanding of what a no deposit bonuses is and why they are rarely offered by crypto-casinos, let’s take a look at the two offers we came across.

BitStarz Casino

BitStarz casino were launched in 2014 and allow players to deposit and withdraw using both fiat currency and cryptocurrency. They are in receipt of a full gaming license from the Curacao Gaming Control Board and all of their games are guaranteed for their legitimacy by a provably fair protocol.

Although the operator has only been in business for just over 4 years, they are now a leading player in the crypto-casino sector. One of the main factors driving this success is the fact that if you deposit using a cryptocurrency, your withdrawals are processed within just a few minutes. This is in stark contrast to fiat casinos, who normally make you wait days on end.

By opening a new account at BitStarz, players are offered 20 free slot machine spins. Although various terms and conditions apply (which we will discuss shortly), there is no requirement to deposit any funds to get the offer, nor do you need to register any payment method.

Furthermore, all you need to supply BitStarz during the account opening process is your email address.

Bitstarz Casino Bonuses

BetChain Casino

BetChain Casino were also established in 2014 and just like BitStarz, hold a gaming license from Curacao. They offer a wide-variety of casino games including traditional games such as roulette and blackjack, slots, video poker and even live dealers. Every game on the platform is supported by a provably fair protocol and the website is protected with a SSL certificate.

The platform also supports both fiat and cryptocurrency deposits, however if opting for the later, withdrawals are processed within just a few minutes. Moreover, not only do BetChain provide a platform in more than 10 different languages, they only require the player to provide an email address and a password to get started.

By registering a new account, BetChain offers a no deposit bonus of 1mBTC.  This is a great opportunity to test out a range of different games without having to make a deposit of any sort. If for any reason the bonus is not automatically applied to your account, simply contact their 24/7 support team on live chat.

What different conditions apply with no deposit bonuses?

Although taking advantage of a no deposit bonus is a no brainer, it is also important to remember that there will be a variety of terms and conditions to first consider. This is standard practice whenever bonuses are involved, so we thought we would cover the most salient points.

Restricted Nations

Although the cryptographic ideology was designed to allow anyone in the world to engage with the system, crypto-casinos do sometimes impose nationality restrictions. This is in direct response to their gaming license obligations. However, due to the anonymous nature of the underlying technology, it is surprising that crypto-casinos do this. Moreover, as the two aforementioned casinos we have mentioned do not ask for your nationality, it remains to be seen how they actually police this, especially if an anonymous browser like TOR is utilized. Nevertheless, it is always best to check whether your country of residence is accepted.

Rollover Requirements

A rollover requirement relates to the amount of times you need to wager your no deposit bonus before you can withdraw your winnings. The higher the rollover, the harder it will be to walk away a winner. For example, if your deposit bonus amounts to the cryptocurrency equivalent of $10 and the terms state that you need to rollover your bonus 40 times, then you would need to stake $400 before you can request a withdrawal. Although this can be a difficult feat, it isn’t impossible to do, especially if you are in receipt of a big win.

One bonus per player

When crypto-casinos offer a no deposit bonus, the offer can only be claimed once by the player. Casinos are very strict on this and if they discover that the player has attempted to claim this more than once, they will instantly ban them. These types of player’s are referred to as a “bonus abuser” and casinos hate them with a passion. We would strongly advise you to only take advantage of a no deposit bonus once.

Game Restrictions

It is common practice for a crypto-casino to install terms and conditions regarding the type of game that a no deposit bonus can be used on. For example, if you are given free spins, the casino might dictate what you can use them on. This usually isn’t a problem as your free spins will probably not show up when you use a specific game that is prohibited, however it is well worth checking just to make sure.

The verdict?

Ultimately, although the Bitcoin casino no deposit bonus promotions on offer are minute in value, they are a great way to test out a new platform for the first time. Essentially you have nothing to lose by trying out both of the bonuses we have suggested, as neither require you to deposit any funds. Who knows, you could even walk away a winner!

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